My Memories of DP Davies and Lampeter Christian Union

My Memories of DP Davies and Lampeter Christian Union

“Do you intend studying or having a good time?”, asked Professor DP Davies in my interview in 1976.

“To study”, I replied. I was attending the Llanelli Boys’ Grammar School at the time. When I passed my A Levels in 1977, I was accepted at St David’s University College Lampeter. Its motto,“Gair Duw Gorau Dysg“(“God’s Word Is The Best Education”) appeals to me because I am an Evangelical, one who takes the Bible literally.

I attended the Christian Union on  Saturday evenings. Two of the speakers have remained in my mind. Firstly, there was Dr B.P. Jones of Caerleon College. He had interviewed me a few years earlier.. He recognised me and poked me in the chest. “Traitor!”, he exclaimed. Secondly, there was Dr A. J. Monty White who was converted from atheism in 1964 when studying at Aberystwyth University. He gave us a talk on Creation. The question-time became heated resulting in two modernists stormed out of the room.

Here are some of my comparatives in  the Christian Union.

Carl Cooper came from Wigan to study French. Though an English man, he speaks fluent Welsh. He used his linguistic skills on local and regional radio programmes. Initially, Carl was  curate in Llanelli, then he was transferred to West and North Wales. He preached on S4C, the Welsh television channel, at the Eisteddfod in 2002 when this festival was near St. David’s Cathedral. The same year he became its Bishop. Since 2014 he has been Chief Executive of the Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations. (Wikipedia).

Gareth Edwards of Cardiff studied Geography and played full-back in the College team. He acted as “guardian” to the newcomers and had a strong, mature presence and influence over others. For example, he gave me a copy of Portraits of Christ in the Tabernacle by  Theodre Epp. He met Ceri  from North Wales. They graduated and were married in 1978. Gareth became a Christian Union Travelling Secretary. In this capacity he went around universities conducting Missions and weekend Retreats for students in centres like the one in Boverton, near Porthcawl. He was a Baptist minister in Haverfordwest before becoming an officer  for Christian Institute Wales.

Gail Dixon studied English, I think. After having her degree, Gail was involved with Christian camp work in Tregaron.  Horizons, a  missionary organisation based in Llanelli, sent her to Europe and Africa.. She is now Director with Nations, another missionary organisation  and a team  leader of the international Christian singing festival, Celebration for the Nations. In 2015 it was held in South Korea. (Wikipedia).

Michael Greed came to Lampeter in 1978. He was treasurer of the Christian Union from 1979-80. On the committee were Andy Herrick, Rob Martin, Ruth Devey and Carl Cooper. He was the secretary from 1980-81. The committee members that year were Jonathan Smith, Karen White and Simon Copley. His joint honours degree in English and Theology proved advantageous when he joined the Wycliffe Bible Translators. He married his Finnish wife, Teija, in 1988. They joined the Tatar Bible Translation Project in 1993.The New Testament was published in 2001 and the whole Bible in 2016. Currently, Michael is a Director of Communications for the Summer Institute of Linguistics,

I began by mentioning my first conversation with DP Davies. I shall conclude with my last, in 2003. I asked him what were the benefits of having a degree. He said it gave me confidence, a trained mind, analytical skills, an attainment to university standard, a wealth of knowledge in Theology and Welsh and an opportunity to demonstrate interpersonal skills.


















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